What is MIDI thing?

Possibly the most important thing you need to know is what MIDI thing itself is. It’s a good question.

MIDI thing is a looper for MIDI data. You can think of it like a sequencer of sorts that accepts live data from any MIDI controller and records it and passes it to any MIDI device that can make a sound.

We’ve tested MIDI thing with stuff like multi-timbral devices such as the Yamaha MU15 which is a GM (general MIDI) module that can make use of all 16 MIDI channels. You can see a video of that here.

We’ve also tested MIDI thing with iOS apps that work as multi-timbral units such as Roland’s Sound Canvas (app store link) and Korg’s iM1 app (app store link). You can see a video with Sound Canvas here, and with iM1 here.

MIDI thing can handle all MIDI data and can be used live as well as in your studio.

We’ll be giving you more information about MIDI thing soon, as well as where to get it!

It's a thing, and it does MIDI really well